Export Optimum has a deep belief that we can only guarantee the continuity of the business in the future if we take care of the environment and the people, avocado farming in itself is planting trees which means more oxygen available for all the species thus contributing to a clean environment.

We have taken part of our Social responsibility by sponsoring ‘ ASEM’ a university club dedicated to help families in necessity to raise funds in order to treat their sick children.

Our last activity was a Kermess we brought all the kids together from different associations in one place for one reason HAVING FUN.

Employee welfare

As a responsible company, the welfare of our employees is of paramount importance. We ensure that the workplace is safe and that good relationships are maintained between management and employees

Implement occupational health, safety and labour laws;

Implement the legal working age;

Pay wages that meet or exceed industry or legal national minimums health and safety programme;

Workplace risk assessment

Workplace inspections

First aid implementation

Annual third party health and safety audits